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As the role of “human” factor is being acknowledged in fields such as health, industry, technology, traffic, environment etc, the demand for the findings of psychology, as the “science of human behavior” is on the rise. In the twenty-first century, this demand is expected to increase even more. This emerging trend across the globe, is also pertinent on national scales while the number of psychology departments under the literature and science and literature faculties of universities in Turkey fails short meeting this demand. In order to contribute to this need, the Department of Psychology, founded in 2008 under the Baskent University Faculty of Science and Letters, aims to be an “exemplary” psychology department with internationally accredited undergraduate and postgraduate programs and eagerness to contribute to the solutions of the country’s problems.

The sentence above is an unchanged excerpt from our 2008 founding declaration. In those years, the number of psychology departments was quite insufficient and far from meeting the incoming demand. But over the past 10 years or so, the number of psychology departments has increased uncontrollably due to its popularity. This increase was accompanied by a serious problem: Quality. For this reason, Baskent University Department of Psychology not only contributed to increasing the quality of psychology education in Turkey, but was also accredited by the Turkish Psychological Association in 2016.

The mission of Başkent University Psychology Department is to create the best academic, scientific and social environment required for the training of psychologists with basic psychology knowledge and skills. In line with this mission, Baskent University Department of Psychology also aims to constitute the right settings for its graduates and faculty members to sustain their devoted professional practices, academic studies and scientific research for which they constantly raise their standards. Baskent University Department of Psychology aims to provide its students with the following knowledge, skills and attitudes during their education in order to make its graduates being among the “best” in this field.

Accreditation Certificate

As a result of the examinations carried out by the Turkish Psychologists Association authorized by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), Baskent University Department of Psychology has been accredited until 22.02.2027.

Our Objectives

Having knowledge and a clear understanding of the general structure of psychology
Having the required knowledge and skills in other fields related to psychology
Having the knowledge and skills to use the library and other information resources effectively
Having the knowledge and skills on the use of research tools (tests, scales, inventories, etc.)
Skills to design and conduct research; and to understand and interpret research findings
Having knowledge and skills on qualitative, quantitative and experimental methods
Ability to write reports in accordance with accepted international writing guidelines
Having advanced statistical knowledge and a positive attitude towards statistics and being able to use relevant software.
Ability to transfer discipline specific knowledge to novel social settings, problems or situations
Ability to critically approach psychological and social phenomena
Being able to effectively express ideas in verbal and written form
Being able to intervene to society by using scientific and professional knowledge
Having critical and creative thinking styles
Having the ability to use Turkish fluently and correctly
Having high levels of self-awareness and self-regulation
Being sensitive of the ethical issues in profession
Being aware of the limitations and potentials of his/her knowledge, skills and personality
Being committed to the department, the science of psychology and the field of study
Taking the the process of “change towards continuous improvement” as a guide that s/he will use throughout lifetime.

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